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Updates From SoCal


If you didn’t already know, I’m writing to you on the beach in Oceanside CA. I took some time to sort my head. In doing so, I’ve come across some insanely awesome videos on Vine that really represent what ‘Pacific Beach’ and California is all about to me. Hope you enjoy it : )

Watch Video Here



We are playing a show at Dobbs Saturday March 8th for Philly’s largest radio station Gashouse Radio (LINK). We are the first act and go on around 9pm. It is going to be a blast, it is going to be a full band, and we are going to be playing some new songs for you, with our fill in bassist Dan ! 
RSVP for more info HERE.


If you’re in a colder climate right now and would like to dream of warmer weather, I’ve put together a playlist of songs together entitled SURF 101. You can check it out on Spotify.

SURF 101



A little blog detailing what the band’s debut record ‘COAST’ is all about has been put together.
There’s a lot of cool stuff in there including phone conversations, setlists, demos.
Check it out: 



Andrew has started writing for a new blog ‘LIVE LOUD’, which documents the culture of musicians
in and around Philadelphia. You can keep up on his posts and the blog
by clicking HERE. 

In less than an hour I have my first surf lesson. About 25 years in the making…These songs remind me of the beach. They’re not your typical ‘beach’ songs. Check it out !!! ‪#‎surf‬ ‪#‎waves‬ ‪#‎california‬ ‪#‎beach‬ ‪#‎oceanside‬ ‪#‎playlist‬ ‪#‎surfrock‬ ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎spotify‬ ‪#‎OrangeCounty‬ ‪#‎LA‬ ‪#‎westcoast‬

FEB. 22nd SHOW
Hey beautiful people!

The band invites you to a special show at Grape Room February 22nd.

It’s Viv And The Revival’s CD Release !! This is a long time coming and it is going to be HUGE.
Val Vuolo will be on violin alongside myself, Alex on bassist, and Rob. We will be playing some new material. 

Val played on the record. If you haven’t heard it yet:

*RSVP to the show 
The band is set to play two shows in December to close out the year: 

Dec. 3rd(5:30p)
Philadelphia PA
Christmas Village In Love Park
Free // Info Here

Dec. 19th(8p)
Philadelphia PA
Christmas At The Grape Room
$10 // Info Here

*Grape Room will be the band’s first official show since Radio 1045 sessions. It will feature MODERN COLOUR, JO STONES, and STEVEN SEAN COHEN w/ the ELTON COSTELLO BAND.
Bring yer Xmas sweater and eggnog.


Rob, Hans, Andrew, Katy

Live At 5 !

On October 4th, the band played two songs at the Radio 1045 stations.
"Breaking The Wire" and a cover of Queens of the Stone Age "Go W/ The Flow." 

Watch the performance below:

Sounds like old school Foo and this is why I LOVE this record.

this song on repeat ALL day. Going to buy this record right now.


I am a 90s kid at heart. And it seems like so are a lot of people not only from my generation but the ones before and the ones after. The idea to make a 90s sounding record in a Deadmau5 era of music might not be the most innovative of ideas ever but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that a goal was set, we reached it, and landed on our feet.  

A lot of people don’t understand how much it takes to make a record and how much it still COSTS. If we had a different budget, I probably would’ve used a 40 piece orchestra with baby grand pianos at Abbey Road in London. And maybe auto tune would’ve been used. And maybe we’d be finished the record in a week. But none of that happened (thankfully !)

Instead, I wanted to create something that we might be able to handle on our own and still get a good result. Something that took time. That I’d learn something from. We could all call it our own and be truly proud of.  The end result: way more grandiose than I imagined from the start.

We cut most of the recordings in a small front room of a house, aside from the drums. You’ve just got to have a bad ass drum sound. And we got that…in a warehouse…with awesome equipment used on most 90s records.

The songs chosen were meant to be raw in sound and feel to make the record what it is. And I drew from influences that did the same…

I’ve put together a little playlist for those of you who have Spotify. Just click the link here to listen…

And for those that don’t have Spotify, here’s a YouTube playlist.

Happy Listening : )

- Andrew Johns


Our First Ever Music Video !

You have to find the courage to talk to the people you don’t know about things they don’t want to hear.
Ann Richards
Dear friends,
We’re releasing our debut record ‘Coast’ digitally everywhere on Oct. 8th !


1   Breaking The Wire
2   Pacific Beach
3   Waste Nation
4   Memory Reset
5   Broken
6   1988
7   Seattle Day
8   Boomerang
9   This Is Not Me
10 Joe Cool
11 N49
1   Breaking The Wire
2   Pacific Beach
3   Waste Nation
4   Memory Reset
5   Broken
6   1988
7   Seattle Day
8   Boomerang
9   This Is Not Me
10 Joe Cool
11 N49
12 Waste Nation (Summer Release 4-28-13)
* A pdf booklet of lyrics, album covers for each song, and liner notes
* A pdf of personal notes and photos of the band in the studio
* A pdf of all slogans that coincide with the theme of the record
* Your choice of sound quality (mp3, wav, flac…etc.)

Super Special Edition pre-order here.
Standard version released the October 8th (iTunes / Amazon Mp3 / Spotify)
Andrew came back from travel (London and LA) two years ago to make a record in Philadelphia. It seemed like the only right thing to do. “Coast” is a west coast record made by an east coast band. It embodies a generation searching for itself, traveling out, moving back home, and looking within. We recorded it ourselves in a warehouse and an 8x10 bedroom under the direction of many key players in the Philadelphia music scene.We did it our way and we did it right !

To gear up for the release we are doing an IN STUDIO PERFORMANCE live at the RADIO 1045 studios. It is free and will be filmed. There are 20 seats available. Please reply to this email regarding tickets or reach management directly:
See you this fall.