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For The Sake Of Blog !

It’s 8:24 pm on a Saturday. I just got done shopping at my safe haven, Shoprite. I am eating a tangerine out of season and loving every minute of it (thank you Shoprite. Fuck you Acme).

It’s dawned on me that I’ve never really written a blog post on here for random and since I get Amanda Palmer’s in my Gmail daily, I realized it’s due time to write something a little…different.

A month back I posted photos of my new room and the roof during sunset hours. It’s beautiful. I sometimes go up on there and play guitar while watching the sunset and grabbing a glass of wine (classy only in the sense that it’s not boxed wine…fyi I miss box wine). It makes me feel alive.

So does waking up every morning not feeling bound by a job. Yes I’m broke. Yes I’m still figuring out why the hell I’m not in a band yet or playing shows yet but looking back on this week, I’ve come a long way and I have a lot longer to go in making this music career a reality.

I just got a logo design back that I am thrilled about !! You’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the very near future. I spent all week writing music for not only me but other people.

For those of you who did not or were not able to attend the open mic in Northern Liberties…you’re just missing out dude. It was an important night. Positive vibes all around !!  Oh and lots of Industry interest.

Anyway by 9 pm I will be in bed to hopefully get some sleep. By Monday I will start back up with the gym and start rehearsing for things unplanned yet. Occupy Philly might be one of them though.

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